History & Expertise

Adapting to evolving contexts

EIRIS Conseil was created in 2004 to offer methods for the conception of modular architectures. The consultancy was among the first to propose a methodology and a training program for the implementation of SysML.

Organizing collective innovation

EIRIS Conseil developed solutions specific to innovative organizations: while the solutions support the teams’ intellectual creativity, they also ensure coherence and thoroughness in decision making.

Producing guarantees, increasing productivity

EIRIS Conseil became a pioneer in the development of cross-cutting traceability models. From the development phases on, these models guide the use of the tools pertaining to the products’ lifecycles management (PLM).

Managing collaborative model-based projects

EIRIS Conseil developed an iterative methodology based on bringing the different teams together at synchronization points. The methodology is supported by suitable configuration management practices.

Handling complexity

EIRIS Conseil has capitalized experience in assisting in change processes from one stage of maturity to the next.

Pooling the levers

EIRIS Conseil built  E_Talea. This approach articulates EIRIS’s 5 levers within an integrated systems engineering solution